Edgemate is recognized in the industry for high-quality, Grade A veneer sheets. Edgemate's quality is defined by its manufacturing process. Edgemate laminates wood veneer to a resin impregnated backer sheet which insures a reliable backer-to-face bond. This sheet is manufactured to reduce blistering, warping, cupping, splits, and cracks.

Edgemate produces a comprehensive line of veneer sheets. Edgemate's Cab-Pro 10 Mil, Cab-Pro 20 Mil Laminate and Cab-Pro 30 Mil Laminate backed veneer give you the ability to match the sheet to your application. Edgemate's veneers can be matched to your specifications and are available in a variety of cuts.

Products Include:

Cab-Pro 10 Mil
Cab-Pro 10 mil backed veneer is very flexible and easy to work with, making it the solution for wrapping contours and shapes. Choose from a variety of domestic and exotic woods. Cuts with scissors. Applies in seconds with glue, contact cement, or hot melt

Cab-Pro 20 Mil
Edgemate's Cab-Pro 20 mil laminate has a semi-rigid back which provides an excellent surface bond. Cab-Pro 20 mil backer is thicker to eliminate telegraphing and sand through and is suitable for wrapping columns and curved panels.

Cab-Pro 30 Mil
For the roughest of substrates, Edgemate's Cab-Pro 30 Mil has excellent coverage and durability. Cab-Pro 30 is an excellent choice for applications using a flat surface or projects not requiring a high degree of flexibility.

Allwood 2-Ply Veneer Sheets
Edgemate's Allwood 2 Ply Veneer Sheets consist of "A" grade wood veneer laminated to a sound veneer back of the same or similar species. This two-ply wood veneer process provides the look of solid wood.

Additional Products:

Kraft Backed Wood Veneer Edging, Fleece Backed Edging, Prefinished Wood Edgebanding, Thick Wood Edgebanding Rolls