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A leading North American manufacturer for the wood finishing industry, M.L. Campbell has built a reputation of dependability and product excellence for over 90 years. As an exclusive manufacturer of wood coatings, M.L. Campbell is dedicated to supplying their customers with high performance finishes. Focusing strictly on wood coatings, they combine the best of North American and European formulating technology to create a full line of advanced finishing products and systems. Since its foundation, M.L. Campbell has been dedicated to their customers and to the environment. They have initiated a long-term commitment to their customers and to the wood finishing industry with extensive product development and training.

NEW! POLARION™ 2K Acrylic Polyurethane

POLARION is M.L. Campbell’s latest advancement in high performance wood finishes. POLARION is non-yellowing and offers superior durability, fast dry times, and an extended pot life. One catalyst and one mix ratio makes POLARION simple to use and easy to manage. Available in a full range of sheens and packaged in both pails and gallons, POLARION is ideal for conference tables, bar tops, millwork, furniture, cabinets and fixtures.

Clear Top Coats
Designed for interior wood surfaces exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals, MLC clear topcoats are ideal for commercial millwork, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry or general interior use.

Clear Sealers
Known for their superior moisture resistance, exceptional application and sanding properties along with fast dry times, the M.L. Campbell family of sealers has what it takes to ensure a flawless finish for every job.

Pigmented Top Coats
The latest European and domestic technologies have united in the development of these easy-to-use finishes that were designed to achieve the highest levels of ease, wear resistance and durability. Available in a variety of over 800 colors in gloss or satin luster.

Primers & Undercoaters
Specially formulated to complement M.L. Campbell pigmented topcoat finishes, these undercoats offer a variety of unique advantages such as HAPs free formulation, fast-dry, easy-sanding properties, outstanding adhesion and more. Available in an array of technologies, the Premium Undercoat System product line includes CLAWLOCK®, MAGNALAC®, POLYSTAR™, and NITROCELLULOSE.

Euro Series
For more than 90 years, M.L. Campbell has built a reputation for dependability and product excellence. Now, by combining our expertise with proven European formulated technology, we can offer specialized applications and performance properties.

Stains & Dyes
The perfect base for our quality topcoats, these spray and wipe wood stains also respond beautifully to coverage with MLC lacquers. Properties include fast drying, great workability and open times. MLC offers a wide array of stocked and custom colors.

M.L. Campbell glazes are designed to imitate aging and create a beautiful three-dimensional look that provides color depth and rich color to interior wood surfaces.