All About Lumber

Atlantic Plywood has been selling lumber for more than 10 years and has developed long standing relationships with the best sawmills in North America. We have expanded our stocking program significantly over the last two years and are now thrilled to be stocking lumber in all 9 of our branches. Our stock offerings range from the basics- Poplar, Cherry, Oak, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, Walnut, Ash, Birch, and Sapele to specialty items like Beech, Basswood, Cypress, and Jatoba.



We stock multiple thickness in both rough and dressed lumber and also offer S2S, S2S SLR1E and S4S.

S2S –  Surfaced two sides. The board has been run through a planer producing two flat faces, but the edges are left rough.
S2S SLR1E or S3S- Surfaced three sides. The board has been surfaced S2S first, then one edge is ripped straight.
S4S- Surfaced four sides. The board has been surfaced on both faces (S2S) and received a rip on both edges, resulting in a board with two flat and parallel faces and two flat and parallel edges




The majority of our lumber comes into our Albany warehouse on full trucks and is broken down into approximately 100 board foot packs which is our minimum lumber order.  As a distribution company these 100 board foot packs ensure us the ability to deliver material quickly, as all of our material is pre-tallied and ready to go. Another benefit to breaking the packs down to 100 feet is that we have eyes on every board before it is put it into stock, enabling us to perform a quality check before it even goes into inventory.


Lumber bundles


After our lumber is tallied, we ship both stock and specialty items to our other 8 branches multiple times per week, ensuring that each branch is always stocked with the right mix of items and new stock is only 1 or 2 days away.



In addition to 100 board foot pack, we also service larger quantity orders of 500 feet, 1000 feet, 5000 feet and larger. For larger orders, we do not break down the bundles and instead ship the bundle as it was packed by the sawmill.


95% of the lumber that we buy is FAS grade- or First and Seconds. FAS and Prime grades are typically used in applications like moldings, joinery products like door frames, architectural interiors, and furniture requiring a high percentage of long wide cuttings. We often buy material that has even higher standards than FAS like our Superior Walnut or Super Prime Cherry. Our two Lumber Specialists are available to source any grade, species, size or thickness you need.

Roger Feltner (Rochester, Albany, Carlstadt, Bethpage- Brooklyn/Manhattan/Long Island)
c: 585-353-0146

Joe Yvon (Woburn, MA, South Windsor, CT, Westbrook, ME, Providence, RI, South Royalton, VT)
c: 339-223-2025

Our goal as a lumber supplier is to source the highest quality lumber at a fair price and offer you the highest yield. We hope that you will try out one of our 100 foot packs and see for yourself!



Formica Corporation Introduces New Additions to its Specialty Collection and Solid Surfacing Lines

Formica® Corporation has launched new options for commercial architects and designers. From sleek ColorCore®2 color-through laminate patterns to beautiful and durable specialty markerboards and highly usable solid surfacing, the new products will help you create stylish interiors, while staying within budget.

formica specialty markerboard

M2253-58 Black Magnetic Chalkboard: As chalkboard usage continues to trend for commercial applications, this product offers an easy-to-clean and low maintenance surface. This product is ideal for industries ranging from education to office, and retail to restaurants.

M8202-90 Grid Points Magnetic Markerboard: Featuring a small gray dot grid pattern on a white surface, this magnetic dry-erase markerboard is perfect for conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, corporate laboratories, or any space that requires a low-maintenance writable surface.

M8207-58 Projection Magnetic Markerboard: Ideal for conference and meeting rooms, this easy-to-clean dry-erase surface features a soft white color, with a non-reflective finish to reduce glare, making it perfect for use as a projection screen.

M4702 Non-Décor Magnetic Board: A thin magnetic foil, sandwiched between layers of kraft paper, this versatile product magnetizes surfaces, simply by adhering it to the back of any standard laminate, dry-erase markerboard or chalkboard sheet.



New to the ColorCore®2 line of color-through laminates are two patterns: White Twill and White Ash. Both patterns are among the most popular laminate designs offered by Formica Corporation. ColorCore®2 Patterns bring a luxurious, upscale look to laminates, with a clean white edge, ideal for the retail, office, education, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

8841C White Ash: A fresh and clean white wood with warm, soft gray ticking. The core of this product is white.

9285C White Twill: A grass-cloth inspired visual based on real twill fabric. White Twill gives a subtle stripe effect in basic warm toned white. The core of this product is white.


solid surface colors

New to the Formica® Solid Surfacing Line:
In addition to the new Formica® Specialty Collection products, Formica Corporation is also adding two new colors to the Formica® Solid Surfacing collection:

109 Brite White: A clean and crisp pure white. This color coordinates with 459 Brite White from the Formica® Laminate collection, enabling architects and designers to use a unified white palette in installations.

737 Gray Galaxy: A balanced mix of black dust-like particles and medium-scale clear particulates in a milky-gray cloud background. Gray Galaxy is a highly usable color for most any market.

Contact us for additional information or samples. 

The Advantages of Formica® Writable Surfaces Over Paint

The Advantages of Formica®Writable Surfaces Over Paint


Formica’s recent Writable Surface launch included four markerboard and two chalkable designs that are durable, easy to clean, worry-free surfaces that you can use to personalize and style your home.

This collection provides an ever-changing surface for doodles, notes, and more, with the added benefit of being simple, sturdy, and easier to maintain than other writable surfaces.

Why choose a Formica® surface over options like paint? Read on…..

  1. Smooth Writable Surface: Paint, whether chalkboard or dry erase, is typically applied to a drywall or wood surface.  Drywall, even at a premium finish, will have small pits which become places for marker and chalk to become embedded over time.  Older homes will have added issues of patching and wear, creating a surface that will never be perfectly flat. Formica® Writable Surfaces offer a consistently smooth finish not easily achieved through other writable products.
  2. Inherently Scratch & Impact Resistant: All Writable Surfaces from Formica Group are also inherently scratch resistant and impact resistant. This is a major plus when considering a writable surface for any high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen or an entry.
  3. Easy to Clean: Formica® Writeable Surfaces can be easily cleaned with a cloth or an eraser. Writable paint should be washed weekly to avoid permanent ghosting. The continuous washing also wears down the paint overtime and it will need repainted with constant use and cleaning.
  4. Horizontal & Vertical Application: The versatility of Formica® Writeable Surfaces collection is truly endless. Its unique ability to be installed on most vertical and horizontal surfaces cannot be achieved with paint. Adhere your writable surface across an entire wall, any piece of furniture, cabinet fronts, desks, counters and more.Personalize your home and allow your entire family to do the same with one piece of chalk or a marker.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Formica® Writeable Surfaces

In addition to the recently added Writable Surfaces, Formica has announced that ALL 90 (Gloss) finish laminates can be used as markerboard without ghosting. That’s right, you’re not just limited to white markerboard! Add a pop of color-

all formica gloss surface colors can now be used as markerboard


And now for some installation inspiration…



Grey Chalkable Cabinet Door Front

Grey Chalkable Cabinet Door Front


ColorBook used as a mudroom wall panel

ColorBook used as a mudroom wall panel


LoveWords used as closet end panel

LoveWords used as closet end panel


Black Chalkable cabinet door fronts

Black Chalkable cabinet door fronts


Grey Chalkable to spice up your workout

Grey Chalkable to spice up your workout



How to Adjust Your Solvents as the Temperatures Rise

As the seasons change, it is very important to understand how temperature and humidity affect the viscosity and dry times of lacquer. Choosing the right solvent can help improve flow/leveling, dry time, and final appearance of your project.

In the colder months, lacquer tends to dry very slow and the viscosity will be thicker as the temperature of the product drops. In the colder months you can offset the slower dry times by reducing the product with a fast-evaporating solvent like Standard Lacquer Thinner. The additional of Lacquer Thinner will also help with the thicker viscosity.

Once spring comes and the temperatures average 65 – 75 degrees, lacquer dry times will speed up and the use of a fast solvent like Lacquer Thinner is no longer needed. At this point, it is time to change to a straight reducer like ML Campbell’s Care Reducer. This will thin the lacquer’s viscosity but will not alter the dry time.

As we enter the hotter summer months and the temperatures exceed 75 degrees, your dry times will speed up and you should consider an additive that will slow down the dry time to allow the lacquer to lay out and stay open long enough to allow all of the solvents to evaporate off. If you see bubbles in your coating, the evaporating solvents are getting caught in the topcoat and the lacquer is drying too quickly. At this point it is time to change your solvent to a retarder like ML Campbell’s Care Retarder, Flow Enhancer 1, or Flow Enhancer 2 – the strongest of the retarders. This will slow down the dry to touch times and allow the solvents to evaporate out of the coating and give the coating time to level out.

It is important to understand how solvents work and have a variety of solvents in your shop so you can adjust the dry times and viscosity of your coatings as needed.

Here is a quick overview of the M.L. Campbell Solvents we have available:

VOC Exempt Reducer-Acetone VC16936 

Very fast drying. Recommended for use in primers and sealers. No VOCs.

Fast Lacquer Thinner C18936
Fast drying. Can be used in primers and sealers, or for cleaning.

Standard Lacquer Thinner C16036
Use for reducing viscosity.

Care Reducer C1621   
Moderate evaporation solvent used for reducing viscosity in topcoats. Must use with Stealth.

Care Retarder C161
Slows dry time in topcoats.

Flow Enhancer #1 C162
Slower solvent package for hot and humid weather.

Flow Enhancer #2 C163  
Slower solvent package for extreme hot and humid weather (summer time).

Butyl Cellusolve C16336
Extremely slow solvent. Consult your Lacquer Sales Specialist before using.


mlc, ml campbell solvents

2017 Formica® Residential Collection

Formica Corporation, the inventor of laminate, recently launched the 2017 Residential Collection, featuring new Formica® Writable Surfaces, 180fx® designs of exuberant stones with bold movement, and Formica® Laminate patterned stones and woods.

Formica® Writable Surfaces feature six colors and designs- LoveWords, ColorBook, ImagiGrid and White Markerboard, and Black and Gray ChalkAble. Each design offers you the chance to write a personal creative expression directly on it, and to simply wipe it away when finished. As practical as they are inspirational, the surfaces provide a new platform for you to stay connected, manage schedules, play a game or just create. Like all Formica® Brand products, they are also budget friendly and durable.

Formica® Writable Surfaces give you the ability to create expressions of love, life, friendship and personality. The collection is offered in a variety of fresh designs suitable for horizontal or vertical surfaces in any room, from bedroom and kitchen walls, to tabletops, desktops, cabinet fronts and more.


Formica ColorBook Writable Surface

ChalkAble in Black and Gray


LoveWords Markerboard Laminate


In addition to Formica® Writable Surfaces, Formica Corporation is also introducing four exuberant 180fx® large-scale laminate stone designs in 2017, including:

  • Fantasy Marble, inspired by Fantasy Brown marble imported from India, a flowing stream of pewter, sand and earth tones.
  • Azul Aran, a complex stone with variations of blue-gray veins and deposits on white bedrock, giving an appearance of movement.
  • Blue Flower Granite and Silver Flower Granite, a swirling pattern of quartz crystals with earth-toned lines for clarity and depth.


Rounding out the 2017 Formica® Residential Collection are seven trend-forward Formica® Laminate designs inspired by blending popular neutral tones, patterned stones and natural vs. man-made materials, including:

  • White Bardiglio, a timeless, Italian-inspired neutral gray stone with white highlights for dimension.
  • Silver Shalestone, a blended breccia style design fusing a cool and warm gray monochromatic palette.
  • Geriba Gray, a dark charcoal breaks through this mid-tone gray crystalline granite design.
  • Star Dune, a galaxy of frothy latte tones brought together by tiny particles of complex browns and grays.
  • White Marble Herringbone, a world-loved Carrara marble meets a classic pattern for an elegant aesthetic.
  • Silver Oak Herringbone, a popular gray paired with a natural oak wood creates an innovative pattern with endless possibilities.
  • Lastly, Planked Urban Oak, a woodsy weathered design for contemporary warmth in interiors.

Contact us for samples and additional information.

Formica Specialty Launch

Formica has launched their 2017 Specialty Collection which includes Formica Infiniti™, the next generation in surfacing, and dECOLeather™, a recycled leather veneer.

Formica Infiniti™

Formica Infiniti™ is created by combining ultrafine embossing with a patent pending manufacturing process
that produces a pleasing soft-to- touch, fingerprint resistant, and antibacterial surface. We are not exaggerating when we say it’s the softest surface ever and unlike anything you’ve seen before. And, you have the added benefit of a matte surface with NO fingerprints and antibacterial & chemical resistance.

The best part? Minor scratches and abrasions can be thermally repaired! All you need is an iron, a paper towel, and a little water. See for yourself….


Formica Infiniti™ will initially be offered in 16 stocked colors- 12 solids and 4 patterns/woodgrains.


infiniti stock options


All other stocked laminate colors are available in Infiniti™ by order. There is an 8 sheet minimum and approximate lead time of 14 days. Because of the matte surface, Formica Infiniti™ colors may differ slightly from their standard laminate counterparts. Please request samples if you are looking to use both in the same application.

Formica Infiniti™ is available in 4′ x 8′, Grade A7 (postforming) sheets and is ideal for high traffic areas such as cafes, casual diners and quick-service restaurants, hotels and retail, healthcare, commercial offices or any setting that calls for countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets and furniture.


Can you describe in layman’s terms how the anti-bacterial works?
Formica Infiniti surfaces inhibit the growth of bacteria, including E. coli and MRSA, by stopping them from reproducing; therefore they die.

What type of chemical or composition is used to create this unique surface?
Silver based system – it has been used for years in different industries and it is one of the safest metals. Copper based system was evaluated but it changes color. Formica Infiniti DOES NOT contain Triclosan.

Is anti-bacterial the same thing as antimicrobial?
No. Antimicrobial includes microbes and fungi. Beyond the antibacterial testing, we have also tested Formica Infiniti for fungi resistance and it passed experiencing less than 10% fungi growth.

For how long is it effective?
The anti-bacterial is not a topical application. The durability and wear resistance of Formica Infiniti exceeds NEMA standards.

What are the approved statements or claims for Formica Infiniti?

3rd party test results:

Resist fingerprints: Formica passed ASTM D 4256-98 test protocol that uses artificial Sebum to mimic fingerprint.

Antibacterial: Formica Infiniti passed two standards tests, one for Bacteria (Ecoli, MRSA, etc. JISZ 2801) and one for Fungi (ASTM G21)

SEFA approved (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association). This is a harsh chemical resistance test.

NSF approved (National Sanitation Foundation). Infiniti is approved for food contact surface.

Greenguard Gold Passed


Learn more about Formica Infiniti


Formica dECOLeather™

dECOLeather™ is an eco-friendly recycled leather veneer. It is comprised of 70% recycled leather fibers (leather remnants from the shoe and car seat industry) and 30% binding materials. dECOLeather™  offers the pleasing qualities of leather (look, feel, aroma) but with added durability and easier fabrication.  dECOLeather™ is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets in Grade 1L. dECOLeather™ is available in 3 finishes- Walrus, Buffalo, and Crocodile. There are 12 stocked colors and 6 made-to-order colors. MTO colors require a minimum order quantity of 30 sheets and will take 6-8 to produce. Custom colors are also available. Minimums and longer lead times apply. Please contact your local Surfacing Specialist for details.



What are the advantages of dECOLeather™ over real leather?
dECOLeather™ is easier to fabricate than 100% leather and offers consistent sheet sizes and thicknesses. dECOLeather™ features multiple layers of water-based protective coatings making it water and stain resistant. Natural latex rubber makes it resilient and easy to clean with a damp cloth or pH neutral cleaners.

Where can dECOLeather™ be used?
dECOLeather™ is ideal for light duty horizontal or vertical surfaces like tables, reception desks (though we recommend putting glass over dECOLeather™ in higher-wear areas), desks, cabinet doors, partitions, wall panels, columns, casework, headboards, and furniture.

How is dECOLeather™ fabricated?
It can be easily bonded to any substrate (MDF, particleboard, plywood or gypsum board) like HPL with cold press lamination using PVA white glue. dECOLeather™ cuts easily like wood and can be wrapped to ¼” radius with 2” underwrap. It is recommended that you protect edges with metal, wood, or plastic framing or edgebanding. dECOLeather™ should be used on flat surfaces without padding. It is not a suitable replacement for upholstery-grade leathers.


Learn more about fabricating dECOLeather™-


What are the approved statements or claims for dECOLeather™ ?

  • ASTM D5053 Crocking – Negligible
  • ASTM D4157 Double Rub – No wear at 100K cycles
  • ASTM E84 Class C with FRPB


Learn more about dECOLeather™



2016 Band Against Cancer

On April 30, Atlantic Plywood gathered with friends, family, and vendors to support our President, Paul Vella, and his band Old Dogs New Tricks at the Fourth Annual Band Against Cancer. Joining the band again this year on the drums was South Windsor’s Kevin Chouinard.  A new venue and many new songs from the band made it a memorable night for all!

Each year, all profits from the event are donated to The Jimmy Fund. The Jimmy Fund solely supports Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world.

Thanks to our very generous Corporate Sponsors, donations, ticket sales, and raffle sales, we raised $75,000 for The Jimmy Fund. A special thank you to David Beaudry for his fundraising and MC-ing efforts. The band recently visited the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to present this year’s check, which brings our 4-year total to more than $200,000.













CLICK HERE to view all the photos from our amazing photographer, Alanna Scully.


A huge thank you to this year’s sponsors:


Columbia Forest Products


Atlantic Plywood

Formica Corporation



Citizens Bank


Choice Brands

Darlington Veneer

Fred C. Church


Hutton Plywood

IKE Trading


M.L. Campbell






American Surplus



C.A. Technologies

Diesel Direct


Far East American

Flexible Materials

Georgia Pacific

Grupo Alvic

Hi Tech Veneer

Interior Products


Leroy Holdings

M&M Sales

Merrill Lynch

Nassau Steel

Northland Forest Materials

Plum Creek


Veneer Tech

Warwick Painting Supply

Ask the Expert: Lacquer

In our second installment of “Ask the Expert”, Sean McDonald, our M.L. Campbell Product Manager, sheds some light on one of the questions he gets most often. Sean has been managing M.L. Campbell products since 1989 and has been with Atlantic for almost 11 years-  5 of those as our MLC manager.


What is the difference between nitrocellulose lacquer and catalyzed coatings ?


Basic Nitrocellulose Lacquer was developed in the 1920’s after World War I. There were large stockpiles of cotton used in the manufacturing of smokeless gun powder left over from the war. Chemists found that they could turn this cotton into a fast drying finish.  By treating the cellulose fibers of cotton with nitric and sulphuric acid, they were able to develop Nitrocellulose. This helped to give lacquer its fast drying qualities. Resins were added to give the coating better building qualities,  plasticizers were added to improve the flexibility of the coating, and finally, solvents were added so the coating could be atomized into small particles when sprayed through a spray gun. The drying process of Nitrocellulose Lacquer occurs through the evaporation of the solvents in the coating. This fast evaporation of solvents results in fast curing of the coating but makes it difficult to brush. The continued popularity of the basic nitrocellulose lacquer is mainly due to the ease of application, fast dry time, the variety of solvents that can be used allowing you to apply in all weather conditions, and the ease to repairing. Some of the cons to using a nitrocellulose lacquer are the lower durability characteristics of the coating including scratch resistance and water resistance, and the possibility of softening with heat as it is a thermoplastic coating. ML Campbell’s Design-R-Classic Lacquer was recently to their line to fill the increased need of a nitrocellulose lacquer due to furniture manufacturing returning to the United States from China.


Catalyzed coatings, also known as conversion finishes,  were developed in the 1930’s.  They were developed for the furniture industry where consumers often demanded a higher durability finish. There are many types of catalyzed coatings in the industry but the main types we use in the cabinet and furniture industry are pre-catalyzed and  post- catalyzed coatings. Catalyzed coatings do not cure by solvent evaporation, but rather by the addition of a catalyst. The addition of the catalyst starts a reaction between the amino and alkyd resins and causes them to crosslink and form a very durable finish. Pre-catalyzed coating have the catalyst already added to the finish with enough solvent to keep the reaction from starting before the coating is applied. As the pre-catalyzed coating is applied, the solvents will start to evaporate and the curing process will begin. Pre-catalyzed lacquers have a limited shelf life, (120 days for ML Campbell’s MagnaMax, 1 year for ML Campbell’s Magnalac) that is catalyzed at the factory. Shelf lives should be indicated on the can or you can contact your ML Campbell Lacquer Specialist. Post catalyzed lacquers like ML Campbell’s Krystal or KlearVar use a stronger catalyst that must be added to the product by the end user just prior to spraying the product. The pot life of post catalyzed coatings can range from 12 hours to 24 hours, depending on the product. Refer to the product information sheet or contact your ML Campbell Lacquer Specialist for proper pot life. A catalyzed coating past it’s pot life will normally cure, but the durability will be greatly diminished. It is highly recommended to stay within the specs of the product.  A catalyzed lacquer like ML Campbell DuraVar is basically the same as a conversion varnish with the exception of nitrocellulose being added to a catalyzed lacquer to speed up the curing process. The addition of the nitrocelluse will slightly lower the durability of the product and will cause the coating to amber over time.  While all catalyzed coatings have excellent scratch, mar, and water durability, you will find a post-catalyzed coating to be more durable and typically out-perform a pre-catalyzed coating. I would recommend a post-catalyzed coating on tables and areas with high water contact such as bath vanities.  Some of the disadvantages of using a catalyzed coating would be the shorter pot life of the coatings, and the difficulty to repair or strip the coating once cured.


In summary:



For additional technical assistance with M.L. Campbell products, contact Sean or your local Lacquer Specialist.


Sean can be reached at 781-424-4413 and



Ask the Expert: Formica® Adhesives

ask the expert


We’re trying something new this week that we hope to make a regular thing here on the blog. At Atlantic Plywood, we have three specialty product managers; Sean McDonald- Lacquer, Ken Zarrella- Formica® Surfaces, and Joe Yvon- Formica® Adhesives. The three of them work with our Branch Product Specialists (Lacquer, Surfacing & Specification) and Outside Sales Reps to not only grow these product lines, but also help our reps become product experts and resources for our customers. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge that we want to tap into here on the blog where they will address some frequently asked questions and common concerns they come across in their travels. If you have something specific you would like them to help out with, comment here or send an email to

First up is our newest product manager- Joe Yvon. Joe joined Atlantic Plywood last August as our Formica Adhesive Product Manager and came with more than 13 years experience in the plywood/distribution industry. Joe has spent a significant amount learning about adhesives and traveling with our Outside Reps to learn about our customer’s needs and issues.


formica golden glue


Q1: Are there any significant differences between the leading brands of Type 1 and Type 2 PVA wood glues? 


A1: For the most part wood glues are very similar when you are talking about a Type 1 (interior) or Type 2 (exterior) carpenter’s glue.  The original formulation, which is mostly PVA glue and water, is 80 to 90 years old.  Between competitors, the solids content, thickness viscosity, and set up times are very similar.  The basic formula of the original Type 1 and Type 2 PVA Wood Glues has remained unchanged, as it has performed well over time. At Atlantic Plywood we stock Formica Adhesives and their Golden Wood Glues.  Formica 714 is our Type 1 interior golden glue and Formica 716 is our Type 2 exterior golden glue.  There is no performance difference between yellow and white glue- the only difference between the two being the addition of yellow dye to the yellow glue.

The leading brands of interior and exterior wood glue are sold in big box stores and hardware stores throughout the county.  As with many mattress and furniture companies, much of the mark-up in retail products comes from marketing and promotional costs. Buying directly from Atlantic Plywood & Formica, you should see decent savings on your wood glues.

 Your contact cement is more expensive, why should I buy from you?


A2: When buying contact cement, the performance of the product is obviously a top priority, but when you go beyond that, you need to look at the bonded square foot price of the product.  When I initially talk about this product with our customers, they talk about their pail price or their price per gallon.  If you are paying $90 for a 5 gallon pail from a competitor, why would you consider our 5 gallon pail at $150?  It is important to look a little deeper and peel back the onion a bit to compare the solids content (the actual glue) and the coverage rates of the two products.  Your $90 pail may contain 17% solids and give you 131 bonded square feet per gallon at cost of about 14 cents per bonded square foot.  Whereas my $150 dollar pail is 36% solids and gets 275 bonded square feet per gallon which comes out to a cost of about 11 cents per bonded square foot.  In this instance, the $150 pail could save you more than 20% in glue costs versus the $90 pail.  Where wood glues are very similar and pricing differences are dictated by marketing and advertising, with contact cement, it is important to consider the performance and coverage of the same size product.


Joe can be reached at 339-223-2025 and

January Sales Meeting

In January, we once again gathered together for our Annual Sales Meeting in Albany, NY. After a big year in 2015 where we launched our new partnership with Formica® Corporation, this year’s meeting was focused on sales and technology training. Our IT Department worked hard the last few months to get the newest version of our CRM program ready to launch at the meeting.



Our day concluded as it always does with our Award ceremony and dinner, where we get the chance to recognize some of our exceptional employees.







We started the night with an opening greeting from our President, Paul Vella, who gave out a special prize to those individuals who excelled in participation during our training sessions.


L to R: Paul Vella, Eric Brooks, Steve Ciecura, Wally Quinn, Ed Negron


Each year we take a moment to recognize those employees who reached milestone anniversaries during the previous year.

10 Years:

Sean McDonald

Dana Ames

Mike Crockett

15 Years:

Mike Hachey

20 Years:

Darcie McFadries

25 Years:

Robert Dudley

30 Years:

Jim Norcross

Matt Willard

35 Years:

Buddy Lafayette

This year marked the first time in more than 25 years that John Blakeney was not with us to share his “Fun Facts” during his annual wrap-up. After 26 years with Atlantic Plywood, John retired from his role of CFO on Jan 1, 2016.  During his tenure at Atlantic, he guided us through the ownership of our founders, to the sale to Longpoint Capital, to the formation of our current ESOP.  His dedication, honesty, intelligence, and common sense were always at the forefront and have enabled Atlantic Plywood to become successful during all of our ownership structures.  Not only was John a stellar CFO, his business acumen was instrumental in all of our major decisions.  He was well respected by all who interacted with APC on a financial level and was considered by many to be the best CFO in our industry. While John will remain with Atlantic in an advisory role for now, we wish him the best as he improves his golf game and spends time with his new grandchild.

Replacing John is a huge feat and we have tapped two people to assist in the transition. Jeff Engelbrecht has been promoted to VP of Operations and will oversee all Warehousing, IT, Operations, Safety, and Logistics. Additionally, Wayne Moriarty has been promoted to VP of Finance. Wayne will oversee our Credit, Accounting, HR, and Purchasing departments. Congratulations to both!

The first award of the night was the Pride Award. This award is given each year to individuals who make an extra effort to make a difference in their branch and at Atlantic Plywood as a whole. The people that receive this award have not only consistently accomplished the task and goals that have been asked of them, but have also shown a strong commitment to Atlantic’s missions and values. They take great Pride in not only getting the job done, but also going beyond what is expected of them in contributing their time, energy, and talents to further the growth and development of our Company.

Pride is a personal commitment! It is an attitude which separates! Because to them “It is a Matter of Pride”

This year’s winners were: Jason Pacheco- East Providence; Ben Tibbetts- South Windsor, NPP; Mark Fisher- Carlstadt; Tim Woodger- Corporate.

Jason Pacheco: Jason takes immense pride in his work and is huge resource for Radio Beacon issues,  Value Add, branch level  IT, and Product Knowledge- he’s our overall BLUM Expert, KV Expert, Luxe Expert, Element Designs Expert and also oversees the Beadboard operation in E. Providence.  Many Salesmen rely on Jason to help get things done quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Ben Tibbetts: Ben takes care to document each detail and then even more importantly, communicate with all involved people with regards to NPP orders/problems. Ben has been instrumental in helping us secure numerous Redilam orders by chasing down lead times for core and face material and nailing down lead times prior to even having an order in hand.  We expect Ben will continue to be a huge resource to help us to continue to grow sales and market share in this product category.

Ben Tibbetts, Mike Natale


Mark Fisher: Mark’s title may be warehouse supervisor, but he certainly does more than that. Besides running a clean, efficient, and accurate warehouse, he works well with the OSRs to make sure we service our customers to the best of our abilities. He even takes sales orders from customers and outside sales reps as well. Mark has helped NJ to become the newest HUB for Formica. His knowledge of radio beacon and Nxtrend is outstanding. With his can-do attitude, the future is very bright for the New Jersey branch.

Tim Woodger: Over the years Tim has proved to be a valuable asset to Atlantic Plywood and 2015 was no different. Tim has been instrumental in the success of the Formica laminate rollout as well as the organization of the ML Campbell Department over the past year. Beginning in January, Tim was hauling steel into the air erecting laminate racks in New Jersey, only to turn around and do it a few months later in Bethpage. Furthermore, Tim has been a rock of stability in the ML Campbell department in a year filled with transition. From revamping storage rooms for bulk purchases to training, to covering for personnel Tim has been a crucial lynch pin in the success of the paint department as a whole. Tim Woodger approaches any challenge presented to him with determination, safety, and efficiency and does anything he can to make Atlantic Plywood a better company.

Tim Woodger, Mike Natale


The next award was the Above & Beyond Award.  This award is a way to recognize the outstanding commitment demonstrated by employees who consistently exceed expectations in the performance of their duties. These employees continually go beyond what is expected of them and do whatever is necessary to accomplish the task assigned.  He or she is continually willing to go above and beyond their regular job responsibilities and show the ability and willingness to work cooperatively with fellow employees and management.  Often, these unsung acts of service go unrecognized.

The first winner this year was Dave Laing- Woburn.  Dave Laing consistently does more than inside sales function to help the branch and company in many ways. As a guy who maintains his Class B drivers license, Dave drove delivery trucks several times when drivers were out sick or any other time when asked. Dave drove trucks to New Jersey for body swaps on several occasions. Dave made several night and weekend trips to the Woburn branch to address alarm issue on nights and weekends. Dave has put the team and the Company above himself to help wherever and whenever asked.

The second winner this year was Joel Wilson- Rochester. Occasionally, you have an employee that stands out not only in sales, but in every aspect of what he does on a daily basis. Someone that keeps a positive attitude no matter the situation. This year’s winner is a family man with two small children and a wife at home, who knows his job is never done. He was given his goals at the beginning of the year and he told his manager, “No, we are going to do way more than that.” and that is exactly what he did! Through hard work, long hours, working from the office, working in the field and at times even delivering his own products, Joel Wilson has demonstrated what it means to deserve the Above and Beyond award.


Joel Wilson, Mike Natale


The next award given out was for Inside Sales Rep of the Year. This person exemplifies what we feel Atlantic Plywood inside salespeople of the future should be- in work ethic, intelligence, follow through, pride of accomplishment, and overall attitude.  He/She is perceived by his/her peers to be the Best of the Best. The nominees for ISR of the Year were: Pete Correia- East Providence, and Bill Littell- Westbrook. This year’s winner was Bill Littell. Bill has always been a customer favorite. In 2015 Bill increased the number of sales orders generated by over 1800. Of the 8 inside sales reps in the Woburn/Westbrook/Providence Region, Bill was the only one to increase his sales, margins, and number of orders written in 2015.

The next award was for Product Specialist of the Year. This person should best represent and have accomplished the goals set forth by his/her product manager.  He or she should not only be a great sales representative of Atlantic Plywood, but also a great teacher of his or her product line.  He or she must show quantitative results in selling their product line and also be perceived as the best by their peers. This year’s nominees were: Joel Wilson- Lacquer Specialist, Rochester, Matt Griffin- Lacquer Specialist, Westbrook. Those of you who work with this person know he is a consummate Professional and takes on all challenges head on. His product growth exceeded 15% in 2015 and his level of customer service is unmatched.  Congratulations to this year’s winner- Matt Griffin.

Paul Vella, Marty Wojick, Matt Griffin, Sean McDonald


Our next award was a first this year. The top award is named for an individual who has excelled in his or her particular field over many years and whose name has become synonymous with being the absolute best in that field. Last year we had the honor of recognizing Bob McKenna and his accomplishments in his time at Atlantic Plywood. The 2015 award for Outside Sales Rep of the year was renamed the Bob McKenna Award for Excellence. Nominees for this award best represent and have accomplished the goals that each manager has set forth for that individual.  He/She is a good representative of Atlantic Plywood on the street and shows quantitative results in selling the whole product line. He/She is perceived by their peers as the best of the best! This year’s nominees were Tom Rader- Rochester, Lew Paine- Westbrook, Arsenio Alvarez- Carlstadt, and Chris Ripley- East Providence. 

This year’s winner showed a total increase in sales of 24% over 2014. He showed increases in over 30 of our product lines including hardwood plywood, pre-finished plywood, ML Campbell, Redilam, and Abrasives.  He is also very well respected in both his market and by his peers.

For the first ever winner of the Bob McKenna Award for Excellence, congratulations to Tom Rader.


Paul Vella, Marty Wojick, Tom Rader, Justin Krasinski


Our final individual awards of the night were for our Gold Circle of Excellence. The Gold Circle recognizes those individuals who not only accept difficult assignments, but complete them with results beyond expectations. These individuals recognize challenges on their own and take it upon themselves to find a solution or come up with an idea that will make Atlantic Plywood a better company.

To all of us, these individuals are worth their weight in gold.

Past winners include Gail O’Keefe, David Beaudry, Jeff Engelbrecht, Wayne Moriarty, Tom Palie, Lew Paine, Earl Nelson and Charlie WoodgerBob McKenna, Pete Correia, Ken Gill, Sean McDonaldDavid Prifti and Eric Brooks.

Each of these individuals received an engraved watch and a Solid Gold Eagle coin and has their name engraved on the Gold Circle of Excellence plaque that hangs in the corporate offices reception area for all to see.

This year’s Gold Circle winner is someone who has been with Atlantic Plywood for more than 18 years. This recipient has performed very consistently over the years in supporting all branches. This person has taken on additional responsibilities over the years as the company has grown and handled them with the highest efficiency. This person plays a key support role to all locations and departments and has daily interaction with many people. This person is a person many people in this room have turned to in their time of need and this person has come through for them and taken care of them. This person has shown the utmost dedication to Atlantic Plywood and making it a successful business. This person stays at the office when work needs to be done and puts in whatever time needed to get the job done. This person keeps tabs on many of the company assets, many times better than the person who is in charge of those assets. You are not likely to find a person at Atlantic Plywood location that this person has not had a positive impact on. Congratulations to this year’s winner- Ann Marie Forrester!

We added a special award this year for Most Improved Branch/Region. This region improved from prior year by posting a substantial increase in both sales and gross profit. This region decreased their expenses while exceeding their 2015 sales targets. Congratulations to the Rochester/Albany Region!


Paul Vella, Justin Krasinski, Marty Wojick


Our final award of the evening was for Branch of the Year. This branch increased sales significantly while also decreasing expenses. This branch exceeded their 2-15 budget by 25%.  They top all branches in efficiency and handling of daily transfers between branches. We have seen tremendous growth in volume and efficiency in their Redilam Department and their Call Center rates among the best in servicing our customers. Their talented sales staff and product specialists worked as a team in 2015 to generate great results. This year’s branch of the year was South Windsor, CT.


L to R: Ben Tibbetts, Kevin Chouinard, Bob McKenna, Andrea Hallett, Paul Vella, Rory Kennedy, Marty Wojick, Jim Hawkes, Claudia Norcross, Mike Natale


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! We are looking forward to another exceptional year in 2016!